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Whole 30 Week 3 : What I learned

March 2, 2017
Whole 30 Week 2 What I Learned

If you’ve been paying attention, the previous two weeks of my Whole 30 were a little…challenging. Whole 30 Week 3 was surprisingly chill. I’ve reached the phase where I’m actually getting used to this. I’m not struggling as much as I though it would by week 3. I mean, I still want a quesadilla and a chocolate martini, but I don’t need them. I’m finding that fruit gets sweeter the longer I go without real sugar. I even started checking the wrapper on a coconut LARA Bar because the first bite tasted so sweet to me. Sweet potatoes taste sweeter too and don’t even get me started on pineapple!

Our biggest challenge in Whole 30 Week 3 was the surprise potluck.

We’ve been pretty solitary, just because we have had to schedule all our meals so that we have leftovers. It’s hard to do spontaneous social activities with a strict meal plan. We allow ourselves one date night a week to eat out, but there are only a handful of places we can go. We had to challenge ourselves this week to incorporate Whole 30 eating into some social eating.

Whole 30 Week 3 Biggest Challenge

This Sunday, The Hubs attended a lunch cookout to celebrate our worship pastor’s last Sunday at our church. The Hubs plays guitar on the praise team at church, and we often joke that we never would have met without the worship pastor. Still, when the word was passed around that everyone was meeting after church for lunch (bring a side!), we maybe panicked a little. I didn’t know what we would be able to eat at this gathering. Similarly, we didn’t have a great Whole 30 recipe we could just throw together to bring. When we got married, we moved about 30 minutes away from our church instead of the usual 8 minutes. Going home to cook something was out of the question. Instead, we ran to the store and then commandeered my parent’s kitchen.

I’ll admit, we may have looked at out phones during church in an attempt to figure out a recipe.  Usually if The Hubs sees me on my phone in church I’ll get a sharp “tsk!” and a “no juego con eso!” This time, we was helping me search for some recipe we could use. We ultimately decided to us a recipe we found for Pineapple Cucumber Salad. Quick, easy, and Whole 30 Approved.

Whole 30 Week 3 Potluck Tips

At the party, we were able to eat our salad with burgers without the bun and fruits and veggies. We brought some La Croix so we wouldn’t be tempted by the sodas and sweet teas going around. We also grabbed a bag of pistachios from the store to eat while everyone else was munching. Our salad went over well, and nobody told us it was gross or anything. It ended up being a really fun time, because we got to meet us with another couple who was doing Whole 30. We shared tips and encouragement, while everyone else at the table gave us horrified looks for giving up bread and sugar for that long.

Overall, I’d call our potluck a success. The Hubs even made the same salad and took it in to work for a potluck there. It’s a winner for sure. Did you ever run into the surprise social event on Whole 30? How did you handle it?

Whole 30 Week 3 Win:

Pineapple Cucumber Salad

Paleo Pad Thai ( So good! I think we’ve made this once a week since we first had it)

Whole 30 Week 3  Fail:

Whole 30 Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs(Again, not the recipe’s fault. Just too much fat on a short rib for my taste. Also, short ribs are expensive. And we cooked them too long.)

Whole 30 Week 3 Tips and Tricks:
  • Sugar free sun butter is hard to find! Whole Foods sell it, but be careful! The same brand has one with sugar and one “organic” version without sugar. Go for the organic one.
  • I used to hate spaghetti squash because it was so watery, but that was before I knew how to cook it. Since then, we learned that spaghetti squash cooks well face up and broiled. It gets less watery that way. It’s great in the paleo pad thai!
  • You can throw an egg into sweet potato hash browns to make them stick together better.
  • The bacon at Origin Kitchen in Dallas is packed in sugar. I emailed them and asked. Also, they will ask you if you had a reservation, despite you being the first people to show up for the night (The restaurant was literally empty. It was almost creepy.).
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Whole 30 Week 2: What I learned

February 16, 2017

Whole 30 Week 2 was a doozy. Let me tell you; it was rough. This week was scary and stressful and not fun at all. Full disclosure: This post contains discussion of my lady hormones, including talking about of Aunt Flo, Shark Week, That Time of the Month or whatever you call it. Proceed with caution.

On Whole 30, the body has to adjust to a lot of different changes. I was aware of this. The book talks about it. It even has a timeline of when you are going to start having potty problems (Spoiler alert: The book lies. It lasts soo much longer than two days.). The book never mentioned this:

Whole 30 can seriously derail your lady hormones.

Even if you’re on birth control.

Let’s zoom out a little bit. I have been married for 2 months and would like to enjoy The Hubs a bit before a baby. Also, I have nowhere to put a baby and we have a year long lease on our apartment. I am on hormonal birth control, but got off track a little at the beginning of the month when we were travelling, and during Whole 30 Week 1 when I was puking my brains out. We always doubled up on our birth control so I was never super worried(I’m always a little worried.).  But when my body started doing pregnant-y things, I freaked out a little (a lot).

Week Two of Whole 30 seriously messed with my lady hormones. Hormonal birth control usually regulates a woman’s hormones to a predicable cycle, but it doesn’t eliminate your own natural hormones from running in the background. With a big enough shift in diet or exercise, those background hormones can come to the foreground.

Apparently, I made a big enough change.

First my boobs started acting all weird and feeling funny. I was getting weird cramps in my lower belly. Then I started spotting about a week before my period, which has never happened to me before. Obviously, my first fear was that it was implantation spotting, because my body was already acting so strangely. The night the spotting started was scary and full of “what ifs.” It was a weird position to be in; praying for a period, praying for a temporary lack of fertility. As time would have it, this week was the week that the beautiful (cooler than me) girl I went to high school with excitedly accounted her obviously planned pregnancy on Facebook. I may have cried in a bathroom stall at work.

To any woman that I have ever judged for having a poorly timed baby, I apologize. That is some scary stuff right there.

Whole 30 Week 2: If I learned anything from Whole 30 Week 2, it's that Whole 30 can seriously jack up your flow.

I continued to spot on and off for the next week, sometimes with cramping and sometimes without. The Hubs and I we worried that we actually bought a pregnancy test and counted down the days until I could effectively use it. I came back negative, thank goodness. I promised to never take my period for granted again. Aunt Flo has made her triumphal entry this week, ending my angst.  I ended up looking on the Whole 30 forums and was relieved to find lots of women like me, with periods either too early or too late during their Whole 30. If I learned anything from Whole 30 Week 2, it’s that Whole 30 can seriously jack up your flow.

Whole 30 Week 2 Win:

Sweet potato hash browns (swap the butter for Ghee)

Whole 30 Week 2  Fail:

Tragic Turkey Meatloaf (Not the recipe’s fault. It just looked like cat food and we added too much cumin)

Whole 30 Week 2 Tips and Tricks:

-The almond milk with the fewest ingredients is called MALK and can be found a Central Market and Whole Foods

-MALK can separate at high temperatures, like in your tea

-HG Supply Co. is the best place to eat in Dallas on Whole 30. Get one of the bowls!

-Whole 30 compliant chicken stock can be found at Costco

-Print the Whole 30 Additives Cheat Sheet and take it with you when you grocery shop

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Mini Monday: A Cautionary Tale About Red Boat Fish Sauce

February 6, 2017
Mini Mondays: A Cautionary Tale about Red Boat Fish Sauce

Welcome to a new series on the blog: Mini Mondays!

These are bits and scraps from my life that I want to share that aren’t big enough to make a full blog posts. They can be silly stories, reviews, updates on knitting or outreach projects or whatever else strikes my fancy. Let’s get going, shall we?

This week’s mini monday post is about Red Boat Fish Sauce.


Specifically about my failures in connection with Red Boat Fish Sauce. For those of you who are unaware of Red Boat Fish Sauce, it is one of the few Whole 30 compliant fish sauces on the market. Fish sauce is great for adding greater depth of flavor and is especially useful in Asian inspired dishes. The Hubs and needed it for Nom Nom Paleo’s Chili Lime Chicken Wings, which we made so that we would have something to eat while watching the Super Bowl at The In-Law’s house (Update: They were good.). We will also be using it in Nom Nom Paleo’s Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs later this week so I’ll let you know how that goes.

The problem with Red Boat Fish Sauce, it that is can be extremely hard to find.

Trader Joe’s used to carry it (and at a good price too!), but they don’t have it any longer. Honestly, though, their turnover is pretty high from season to season, so fingers crossed they get it back! We didn’t find any fish sauce at Central Market, so that left us with Whole Foods to complete our expensive hippie store trifecta. The Hubs (bless him)called around to a bunch of different Whole Foods to see if any of them carried it. This saved me hours of driving around, because I never would have called. He learned that it can be found at the Whole Foods in Addison, which is also the only Whole Foods where I have been able to find Tessemae’s All Natural dressings. Since it was closer to me, asked me to run and grab some on my lunch break.

The Hubs was told that this store had a fresh shipment of Red Boat Fish Sauce “in the back.” As in, I was going to have to go and talk to a sales associate to get it. Ugh… This is how much I love my husband. It was indeed in the back, and I did have to make them go check for it, which made me feel like a jerk, because they had just stocked that section. The Hubs was right, however, and it they did end up finding some for me. (Another FYI: It was around $12.99.). I threw the sauce in my car and went back to work.

Here is where I messed up.

Once I got back to work, I left the fish sauce in my car.

I figured, It doesn’t need to be refrigerated yet, and it’s cold today. It’ll be fine. And it’s true, the fish sauce itself was perfectly fine. It’s my car that had the problem.

You see, the Red Boat Fish Sauce leaked all over the passenger seat of my car. And, like, soaked in a little bit.

It’s not the cutest smell. I fear it may be permanently absorbed into my seat, to secrete its fishy odor until eternity. There are not enough clorox wipes in the world for this. Did I mention that I hate fish?

The moral of the story, folks, and the humble lesson that I learned for you is this:

Never, under any circumstances, lay your fish sauce bottle down. Keep that sucker upright at all times.

It will leak. It will reek. You will be sad.

This has been a Public Service Annoucement.